Monday, April 11, 2011

I’ve got my helmet on, nothing can do me wrong…

For all the anguish, tears, and setbacks of last weekend, this weekend sure went well.  Charles hasn’t had a potty accident in a week, his tantrums have been manageable, and he’s completely enamored with his new bicycle (potty training reward), which has kept him worn out enough to nap.  It rained a bit yesterday morning, so he started out riding in the kitchen:



Later, we rode outside on a trail, but it was cold, so I moved the car out of the garage and he rode in there for what seemed like hours.  He is undoubtedly sore today.  He fell asleep with his helmet on (he wouldn’t take it off for Church, either) and later rode some more up and down the sidewalk and in the garage and around the kitchen.  What a kid.


April 008


Mom and Dad said...

That is totally awesome!!! Can see the concentration too with no big smile. He is growing up. amazing.

K Schimmy said...

Awesome-sauce. Definitely awesome-sauce.