Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tulip Time

Every year, the Skagit Valley holds a Tulip Festival, and I’m pretty sure that MILLIONS of photos are taken of flowers here in the month of April.  I chose to capture Charles and the flowers for a change of pace:


April 021


The festival is really just a bunch of art galleries, wine/cider tastings, events, and store openings after a long winter coinciding with the blooming of over 900 acres of tulips throughout the month of April.  There is a street fair (mostly high-priced crafts), several hundred thousand tourists over the course of a month, and a lot of mud.  You don’t so much tiptoe through the tulips as wade around the troughs of mud.  But it is gorgeous nonetheless.


April 012


Charles and I got to visit a local grower as a part of his preschool’s field trip.  He only tried to run away from the group a few times, so I consider that a win.  I must say, childcare workers have my respect and admiration.


April 016


Here’s a flower-photo-taking tip: to get your toddler to look like he’s smelling the flowers, ask him to give the flower a kiss. 


April 028


“Fast running, mommy!”

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Mom and Dad said...

They are so pretty and that good looking fella in the foreground makes the picture very special. The tulips are very pretty. I remember the spring we came up and got pictures with your folks. Such fun. Happy Easter