Monday, May 30, 2011

Jurassic Park or Woodland Park?

For future reference: 2-year-olds are afraid of life-sized dinosaurs.


Zoo 009

Save me, Daddy!


Also worth noting: going to the zoo on a day forecasted to be rainy, but which you know in your heart will be glorious, is a GREAT IDEA.  I’ve never parked so close to the entrance of a zoo in my life.


Zoo 014


Zoo 015

Feeding the birds…

Zoo 018

And at the opposite spectrum of the animal kingdom, feeding an elephant…

Zoo 028

Birthday Belly!!!  (36 weeks)

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Mom and Dad said...

It was a great weekend and I am so happy we got to share it with you. The pictures of the elephant feeding was so much better than I got!! It is rainy here today.