Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not Much to Complain about.

Well, that post title’s not true, obviously.  I am very good at complaining.  But I think I’ll just let it all go and show you photos of this guy instead:


July 2011 090

Eyes open!


July 2011 089

He spends a lot of time like this.


July 2011 087

Both asleep!


July 2011 086

Cuddle time!


Maybe I’ll get back to snarky tomorrow.


K Schimmy said...

That kid has some awesome hair. Very spike-able.

Picture of mama with her boys? Also awesome. Good looking kids!

Lo said...

Cute boys! Love the hair on the little nipper.

Sarah said...

Love the pictures! Your boys are such cuties. And great to see that Jamie is sleeping for you. Hooray!

Mom and Dad said...

I had such a great time this last weekend. The boys were great fun and you guys were very generous including me in the party and horse time. I even got sun!! Such a warm feeling to have such grandkids