Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One Week

It would appear that James is one week (and one day, as of this morning) old.  Where does the time go?


 July 2011 003

We “celebrated” with a minor surgical procedure.  I was kicked out of the doctor’s office, but I made Tony stay (he volunteered, but I wasn’t going to let him get out of it).  By all accounts, Jamie did better than most boys, nearly sleeping through the operation after anesthesia was applied.  And a bonus, I didn’t cry at the first diaper change.  Well, maybe, but only a little bit.


We also went to Target and had dinner at Red Robin.  When we got home and I had a monster headache and there were still dishes in the sink and a toddler to bathe and read to and a baby to nurse, and a dog to feed, and the garden to weed etc, etc, I was reminded that just because Jamie sleeps so much better than Charles did at this point, doesn’t mean that it’s “enough” sleep for me (he’s totally a “typical” newborn, eating and getting changed every 1.5-2.5 hours at night).  Oh, and I also pushed him out of me a week ago, an event from which I am not fully recovered.  That’s why I’m not allowed to do anything for six weeks, why do I keep forgetting this?


Anyhow, today, we’re taking it easy.


 July 2011 010


Some people seem to be disappointed that James is a boy.  Not me.  I love this little boy and I am so excited to double our fun boy activities.  And Charles is thrilled to have a baby brother.  It will be tough to be the second boy, I’ve no doubt, but he’ll never have to worry about whether or not his mother adores him.  I adore him buckets full.


Mom and Dad said...

I think I can speak for all the grandparents with that same sentiment. As cute as Charles continues to be, each little muffin is amazingly different and will get all the support and love possible. Course there is the spoiling that will be unrelenting.....What are grandparents for??? Glad to hear you are out and about. And that James got through his "minor procedure" well. Always worse for moms and dads than the kids....

K Schimmy said...

We had our "minor procedure" yesterday (wanted a particular doc to do it, so had to wait). I did much better this time, since this doctor not only kicked me out, but kicked out Rick as well. She's also my OB, so she has some pull. :)

James is munchable for sure. Hooray for boys!

Sarah said...

No disappointment here! We just wish we could hold our squishy nephew in person. Is it me or does he have darker hair than Charles did?

Mom and Dad said...

oh boy, seems like alot darker to me when I saw it. Course that may be par for the course but I thought so too.

Amelia said...

His hair isn't darker, there is just more of it... consequence of baking for longer, I imagine. He'll likely lose it all and then we'll have to wonder for a month or so what his natural color will be.