Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Okay, so maybe there won’t be any planes, but I digress.


Last Saturday, Charles and I went to see a full size Thomas the Tank Engine at the Snoqualmie Train Museum.  He loved it.P1030327


We left Friday afternoon to spend the night at our friends Brandon and DeAnna’s, who live in Kent. They used to live a few blocks from us before they moved and Charlie had a great time playing with their son Ethan, who is about 3 months younger. They used to play all the time and hardly missed a beat when we showed up. Here is a picture (the only one I got) of the two of them brushing their teeth just before bedtime.




The trip to the Train Museum was only about 45 minutes from Kent. So in the morning, after being treated to a great  pancake breakfast, we headed to Snoqualmie.


At the event, they had a stage where several performers played children’s songs all day, and tents where you could meet Sir Topham Hatt, get a Thomas temporary tattoo or play with model trains a bunch of little tables with train tracks on them.


We got the obligatory photo in front of one of the several giant diesel engines there. He is busy blowing his Thomas whistle here.



The chief activity of the day was taking a real train ride. We all loaded on a train that went by Snoqualmie Falls. Here is the river below the falls.



Here is Charlie as we were waiting for the train to get going.



…and various pictures while we rode the train.P1030286 P1030287 P1030288 P1030289 P1030290  P1030292 P1030293 P1030305  


After our train ride, Charlie spent some time playing with the model trains…

P1030319 P1030320



…and the crown jewel of the event: the bouncy castle!


I have never seen more pure joy on Charlie’s face as he had in the hour or so he spent as a human jumping bean. It was pretty cool.


I’m looking forward to taking both boys next year.


K Schimmy said...

How fun... Ruary would have been absolutely BESIDE himself if he saw a life-sized Thomas.

Amelia said...

Kelli, let's make it a date next year!