Thursday, August 11, 2011

Does anyone else have a gap between their abdominals? No? Just me?

It wasn’t so bad, really.  Tonight, it will probably be worse.


I felt the first step in my abs.  The abs that have been stretched out beyond belief.  The abs that still have a half-inch gap between them running up my midline.  The abs that are clearly not ready for anything so vigorous as running.  And then I did situps afterward, just to punish myself (I only did, like, five).


I felt ALL of the next steps, over the course of 1.52 miles (thank you, MapMyRun) in my legs and hips.  It seems that those muscles have downright atrophied during a long and brutal pregnancy. 


The mile-and-a-half went by pretty quickly, actually, as it is a route I walk frequently and, oh yeah, it was only a mile-and-a-half.  At about a 10 minute per mile pace.  I’m planning to continue this exact route for the next couple of weeks until my legs don’t hurt quite so much anymore, then I’ll start adding miles.


I think the last time I ran at all was when I was about 10 weeks pregnant.  I was so sick from the afternoon until I passed out at night that I had to do my exercising in the morning.  There comes a point when you feel like you’re going to pee your pants on your run, and that point was at 10 weeks, so I stopped.  It seems like forever ago.


I might try running in the morning again, but it will take some willpower.  I like to be up before Charles so I can have his breakfast ready for him as soon as he wakes up to counteract the low blood sugar freak out that often happens in the morning before he gets a first bite of eggs or peanut butter or whatever.  So I’d have to get up even earlier, and let’s be honest, we’re not sleeping through the night or even close at this point.


But, I imagine I would frequently come back from a run to scenes like this, and that would be nice.


August 2011


K Schimmy said...

Oh my, that is sweet with the boys. And yes, my abs have a huge gap, if I can get to them behind the saggy, squishy belly.

Jennifer L. said...

You're incredible for even thinking about running and sit-ups right now! My youngest is just about 10 months old and I haven't been on a run or done a single sit-up yet because.....well, I could make up an excuse here, but really I'm just being lazy about it. Way to go for having the drive to get up early and get out there!

Amelia said...

You know, Jennifer, I could pretend it was drive, but it's really just low self-image and a need for alone time. Plus, I still think of myself as a size six.

Julia said...

I've got the abdominal gap as well. Fun times!