Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday, Better Sunday

I have a vague memory of pulling the camera out of my bag after we decided not to go see the airplanes Saturday… but where did I put it?  Thus, no recent photos.


My mom thinks that I am letting Charles make decisions for our family by letting his misbehavior dictate what we do and don’t do.  I’ll have to ponder this for awhile.  The fact is, he doesn’t have a lot of privileges (we don’t watch TV, his bedtime is firm, etc) to revoke, and he doesn’t actually care if his toys are taken away.  On Saturday, he had to go to bed without stories because of misbehavior, and he then continued to tantrum for another hour or two… sooo, I just don’t see how I can give him consequences other than not letting him do what we all wanted to do.  Thoughts?


My mom also mentioned that I was similar to Charles in that she would have to tell me the plan for the day, and if the plans changed, she would have to tell me as soon as possible so I could process it.  It’s nice to know that even though the kid doesn’t look like me at all, he carries some of my personality traits.


Bottom line, Sunday was a much better day.  Charles slept, and I think he might have finally burned off the bug that kept him home from preschool last Wednesday.  He did this all day (I uploaded the photo before losing the camera, obviously):


July 2011 007

Couch, TV, Gatorade.  His fever broke within 24 hours, but maybe he was still feeling out of it on Saturday?


The holy terror that was Charles on Saturday turned into a smiling angel on Sunday, and the whole day was fantastic.  We were motivated to clean inside and out because we made plans with friends to barbeque at our place (yes!  We did it!  And it wasn’t so bad!  Everyone else brought the food so we didn’t have to cook!  Except that I have yet to do the dishes!  But oh well!), so the backyard looks great.  We first went to the spray park with our friends and their kids and then we all ate and chatted until an appropriately late time for three couples with young children (7:30 pm – we are laaaaame).  It was refreshing and so much fun.  I think I forget how much I love friends.  Small children make keeping them a bit difficult, but at least friends with other small children forgive you when you text them last minute to say that your kid isn’t up from his nap yet and you’ll be late.


We’re having more company tomorrow – and they’re bringing dinner.

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K Schimmy said...

Oooh, tough one. But, you can't allow your toddler to think that he can act like a tyrant AND get to do fun things. Yes, it sucks, but I think you're actually teaching your child that yes, he CAN make the weather, but he can choose to make the weather sunny.