Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beach Babies There on the Sand

Sunny weekends at the beach can be near-perfect:


Feb 2012 025


Feb 2012 015


Feb 2012 022


Feb 2012 029


Feb 2012 028


Feb 2012 032


Feb 2012 041


Oh, plus pizza with friends, time spent with both my parents and my in-laws, brainstorming business ideas, a beautiful Sunday-morning run along the bay, and an astonishing amount of food ingested by my children.


Here is what they ate on Saturday ALONE: two bowls of Rice Krispies (each), a half an English muffin with jam (each), a link or two of sausage (each), MY bowl of Cheerios with yogurt and jam (which they stole and devoured), and two fried eggs… and THEN WE WENT TO BREAKFAST, where they each had a pancake and scrambled eggs and milk, and then our friend Mike made Charles a plate-sized Mickey Mouse pancake, which he nearly finished.  Then we went home for naps and chill time and then after nap went to McDonald’s, where Jamie ate five chicken nuggets and Charles ate an entire cheeseburger, they both had fries and ice cream, and Charles ate both packets of apple slices.  THEN they had some cherry cream-cheese pie, some popcorn, and some applesauce at snack time.  And we haven’t even gotten to dinner yet!  At dinner they ate rice and veggies and meatballs with milk.  Phew.  Neither asked for a bedtime snack.


I think they’re growing.


We came back Monday to a dirty house.  Tony worked all weekend long, and by all weekend, I mean that when I talked to him every evening or even late at night while we were gone, he was either taking his dinner break and about to head back to the office or he was at the office.  Tax season is a good time for us to leave – we all miss Tony, and I think he misses us, but allowing him to work without feeling distracted or guilty for being gone is the best for him and for us.  It’s easy for me to slip into resentment this time of year, and that’s not constructive.  This is the nature of his job, it will soon be over, it pays the bills.


However, I have decided that I am going to cull the herd, so to speak, in his underwear drawer so that he will have no choice but to do laundry more often when he is home alone.


Mom and Dad said...

We had such a good time and it went by quickly. Thanks for making the trek. Maybe we will make one next week? love ya

Sarah said...

Wow. That's a lot of food for two little boys. I shudder to think of the quantities they will devour in high school.

Tony said...

There is nothing wrong with anything in my underwear drawer!! Keep your meddling hands out of there!! :)