Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Little Klutz

My mom has often told me that she was called “Grace” as a child/teenager because she was not – graceful, that is.  Neither am I, and I think it has a lot to do with nearsightedness and poor spatial reasoning skills.  Tony, thank God, is neither nearsighted nor has poor spatial reasoning skills.  In fact, he is gifted in both eyesight and reasoning, spatial or otherwise.  I have long hoped that our kids would inherit both traits.


I’ve just about lost hope for this young monkey, though:


photo (32)


Kid falls off of everything.  In the past week, he has fallen off of a chair (three times!), the back of the couch (he’s not allowed to get up there!), a stool (he’s not allowed up there, either!), down the stairs (he crawls backwards, I swear!), and off of the bleachers at swimming (in front of everyone!).  He has a fat lip, a goose egg on his forehead, and a hole in his tongue and dammit all, that kid gets right back on the escalator.  He falls while walking, while running, while moving from one piece of furniture to another – if there’s a way to go over something rather than around it, he will try.  And fail.  Because his legs aren’t as long as he thought they were or his fingers not as strong or, shit, I don’t know.  He just falls.  A lot.


Most of the time, he is unharmed.  He looks up at me, stunned after tripping again, and says, “Down!”  Yes, honey, you fell down.  Other times, he cries.


photo (30)


I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t broken a limb yet, but I imagine that’s coming.  And thank God the falling down the stairs incidents (there have been many, most of them when he was going down them backwards like a good toddler does and the one this morning when he was actually crawling up the stairs) haven’t resulted in a broken neck.  Sheesh, he’s out to give me a heart attack.


photo (31)


Oh, Jamie, I feel your pain.  I fall down a lot, too.


Mom and Dad said...

Poor little guy....but those pictures he looks more like Charles than most....ask your husband how he got a new tooth when he was, oh, 12 or so....or how he used to go hauling out of the back door in Long Beach, trip over the strip on the ground, and fall right on his face....pulpotomy ho!!! It's a wonder he has such nice teeth..oh yeah, braces and refinancing the house to remove.....Love ya tony

Roger Holeman said...

OMG! You don't remeber Leland putting his 2 teeth through his tongue - a shot of adrenaline for that! He was nothing but bruises head to toe and generally had a black eye. He never met a set of stairs he didn't like. Love M