Monday, April 1, 2013

A Beautiful Weekend

I hear it’s snowing in parts of the country.  Not here.  It was a balmy 70 degrees yesterday. 


photo (81)

The decorative cherry tree in our backyard is slowly losing its blooms, much to Tony’s delight.  Allergies are always the worst this time of year.


photo (82)

I can see that there will be a lot of this in the future months: Charles riding his bike everywhere we go, me pushing Jamie along behind.  We’ve set firm rules, of course: don’t ride too far ahead, don’t go off the sidewalk, stop at every street.  He’s doing pretty well, and he rode FOUR MILES yesterday while Tony and I ran a local trail alongside.  He slept pretty well last night, too.  Coincidence?


photo (83)

The other dresses finally arrived on Friday.  I’m keeping this one.  I already had the shoes, though they don’t fit when my feet swell in the heat.


photo (85)

Vintage Tupperware cups from Tony’s childhood.  I think we have twelve in all different late-70s colors and they’re fantastic.


photo (84)

Eggs!  Good thing the boys love hard-boiled eggs.  And Buster always gets the yolk.



Easter 011

The Easter bunny came while we were at Church.  Charles will tell anyone with ears, “I think God made LOTS of Easter bunnies to hide eggs at everyone’s houses.”  I think God made lots of indulgent parents, but whatever.  The magic of childhood and all.


Easter 001


Easter 006


Easter 008

Our bunny gives books, Peeps, and big bouncy balls.  What about yours?

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Mom and Dad said...

what a wonderful Easter you all had!! The Easter bunny certainly was generous with the treats and weather..It was beautiful here at the beach too.