Monday, April 15, 2013

The Ides of April

It’s Tax Day, and you’d think I’d be grateful to have made it to April 15th alive, with my children and husband and dog alive as well, but mostly I’m just tired.  And tonight we have a tax season party with all the accountants and their under-eye circles and unkempt hair and ten extra pounds and residual stress from the past three months. On the bright side, I’m wearing a cute dress, I recently found out that two family members (one a blood relation and one a family member by choice) are expecting, and it’s not raining.  If I can make it through a very busy but exciting week unscathed and with my liver intact, and maybe even limited resentment on the part of my children for leaving them with a babysitter for three nights out of five, I’ll be content.


We spent a busy day in and around Seattle yesterday, and although I haven’t yet processed all the photos from our excursions, I did want to show you this one, may favorite of the weekend:


photo jamie


Charles took this, of his brother, during one of the moments they wrestled the phone out of my cram-packed diaper bag.  The phone is covered in Top Pot Doughnut goo now, but I think it was worth it.  Light, shadow, blah, blah, the kid is cute.

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Mom and Dad said...

Too cute and very indicative of James moving furniture to his liking.