Monday, April 8, 2013

They Actually Made It Rain Blood.

The scariest movie I have ever seen is 2001’s Jeepers Creepers.  I don’t know how I made it through the movie, but I do know that Leland sat right next to me and enjoyed every minute of it – both the movie and my screaming and starting at every horror-filled plot twist.  Last night, after plying me with an ungodly amount of delicious sushi, Leland chuckled at my shrieks through all 93 minutes of Evil Dead.


It was so fucking gory.


I wouldn’t say that it was on the same level of “scary” as Jeepers Creepers or, say, Saw – those movies are much more psychologically frightening – but it was, indeed, quite horrific and had plenty of startling moments.  I probably spent 30% of the movie hiding behind my hands.  Which only made Leland laugh more.


My jaw hurts today from all the clenching and I totally had nightmares last night.  Lucky for me, Charles came into bed sometime around 2 am, so whenever I would wake from horrific visions, I would find him snuggled into me.  I don’t really enjoy having my kids sleep with me (they kick a lot and are like little furnaces in the bed), but I almost wished Jamie were there, too.


The most redeeming quality of Evil Dead was that it did not have any children in it at all.  The characters were youngish, but no babies, no kids.  I simply CANNOT watch a horror movie with children in it. 


In the light of day, I have almost talked myself into thinking that it wasn’t such a terrifying movie.  Given that the purpose of a movie is entertainment, however, I doubt I’ll be seeking out a horror flick to watch anytime soon.

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Sarah said...

I don't watch horror movies any more for just that reason. I don't need nightmares thankyouverymuch. And I need all of the restful sleep I can get these days.