Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Am Not A Fashion Blogger

Two cautions: read this post for the spirit in which it was intended, which is that I looked good these days, and I’m sort of widening my style choices to include more accessories; and my yard is a disaster, which is what happens when you have two boy-children and a dog who like to leave their toys everywhere.  And why shouldn’t they?  Summer is for playing in the yard.


Summer is also for skirts or dresses, if you’re me.  I do own some shorts, but my hips are wide and curvy, so shorts look, um, funny on me.  I always look either a bit like a hobo or a prostitute in shorts because they are either baggy and loose on the waist in order fit my hips or too tight and short and giving you far too much information about my lady parts.  I have culled my wardrobe of the latter, but held on to two pairs of the former because, well, summer.  It’s 85 degrees and sometimes I wear shorts regardless of how funny they look.


The other thing about summer is that it is so warm that I usually change after work into my shorts and tank tops or just a bathing suit (people come over and I’m in my bikini, letting my mom-body all hang out, like “what?  This is totally appropriate!”  It’s not.), so my photographer is either Charles or me.


See if you can guess which is which.


I wore this big scarf as a belt the other day, and while it is a touch too long, I felt like it dressed up a pretty simple outfit:


 photo (22) photo (23) photo (24) photo (25)


Jamie’s room is the location of the only full-length mirror in the house.  And his curtains are, you guessed it, green.  The dress, however, is white.  I only had one “bridal” remark during the day, but the rest of the feedback was positive.  Plus, cute shoes you can’t see here and turquoise jewelry!


photo (21)


The dress is from Dress Barn, home of things that look terrible on the hanger but great on a person.  The shoes are Payless.  The sandals in the top photos are also Payless.  I have no idea where I got the scarf, but the skirt is likely Fred Meyer and I think the tank top is Old Navy.  I am such a classy shopper, right?


Kate Scott said...

Your line about wearing a bikini around the house and letting your mom body hang out totally made me laugh. Also, that picture of your feet at tons of grass is hellarious. I've never met your kids, but I still love them.

Jennifer L. said...

I too prance around the house in a bikini during the summer....usually a bikini top paired with a skirt. Why not?! Until the kids are old enough to feel mortified by it I'm going to continue. Love how kids tend to take very different pictures than adults. I assume most of this is due to the fact that they love pushing buttons more than making art, but adorable nonetheless. Thanks for sharing your fun and classy wardrobe with us!