Wednesday, July 31, 2013

But My Caboodle IS Pretty Awesome, Actually.

Some days you notice something that confirms your status as a parent so obviously, so quintessentially, that you have to chuckle.  Putting my jewelry away at the end of the night last night was just such a moment for me:


photo (26)


There’s my dresser, complete with bottles of girly toiletries, Batman mask, Japanese action toy, and monster truck.  You just can’t mistake my house for anything other than the house of little boys.


Speaking of jewelry, though, I am in search of a good jewelry box, hopefully not too expensive (do you want to know what “not too expensive” means to me, when talking jewelry boxes? $100 give or take) and one which will house my myriad rings, necklaces, and bracelets.  I already have an earring organizer, but the tangles of necklaces are starting to frustrate me.  I really like this wall-mounted armoire:




It’s only $99 at, but the reviews are pretty terrible.  For one thing, it’s MDF.  For another, the drawers don’t have backstops, and that seems like a situation fraught with risk, especially when the reach of little hands in my house is growing longer every day.


But still, I like drawers and hanging-spots, as well as that lovely little shelf for perfume or whatever.


I should probably own up to the fact that I currently use a pink, purple, and teal Caboodle from the early 90s to organize my makeup.  Once again, I am totally at the forefront of modern style.


So here are questions: how do you organize your jewelry?  What kind of box/armoire do you have?  Do you like it?  How big is it (I’m terrible with spatial reasoning, so when I see dimensions of 17” x 11” x 4”, I have no idea if that will hold all my jewelry or not)?  Any other advice on jewelry organization?

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Jennifer L. said...

I was hoping someone would comment with the perfect wall solution since I too need something to keep sticky hands away from my jewelry. I currently have a large stand alone jewelery box, but I'm scared to use it because Henry hasn't figured out that it opens quite easily and I want to keep it that way. I would prefer something on the wall that is out of reach from all the kids, especially after the earring incident with James at school last year. I have a necklace tree as well as an earring organizer on my dresser, but there must be a better product that can handle everything, that also has great reviews. Keep me posted.

I absolutely remember Caboodles! I didn't have one, but my sister did.....and may still have it!