Thursday, August 22, 2013

So Here’s What Happened

1.  Tony and Charles took off on Saturday for the Seahawks’ preseason game, at which they had an awesome time



Aaaaand, that will be the last photo for today because I forgot my phone at home because of the sickness and the sleep deprivation and the lateness and… let me back up:


2. We left Sunday for Ilwaco/Long Beach to spend some time with mom and dad and my in-law (just one, the other has moved, which is a long story and very confusing to the children, but they’ll get used to it) and go to the Kite Festival.  Except that we turned around TWICE due to forgotten items and ended up leaving nearly 2 hours later than we anticipated even though we had actually been driving for that entire two hours, resulting in the first bathroom stop actually being in our hometown and also weird sleeping/screaming/ice-cream-rejecting on the long drive.


3. I made a bad joke about being totally lost when we were about five minutes away from my parent’s house that Charles blames on Tony and will NEVER, EVER let him forget.  “Remember when you said we were lost, daddy?  WE WEREN’T LOST.  That was funny.”  At least he sees the humor in it now – for about 30 seconds, until he recognized where we were, I think he was truly alarmed.


4. Charles rode his bike five miles while I ran the same five miles and attempted to keep up with him, resulting in a slightly faster pace that I would have run otherwise.


5.  Tony went fishing with his dad and they DIDN’T CATCH ANYTHING.  There is no justice in the world.


6. Charles and Jamie made kites at the Kite Festival (it’s still happening!  Through this weekend!  You should go if you can, the weather is amazing!) and flew them and ate hot dogs and elephant ears and got sand in their eyes and everyone had a great time.


7.  I made these brownies again, and as I said before, I will never, ever make boxed brownies again ever. 


8.  Charles started to get sick Tuesday night and put himself to sleep at 7:30 pm. 


9.  We drove home yesterday, tired from getting up in the middle of the night with Charles, trying to plan our home improvements and repairs so they don’t break the bank (bathroom paint, bunk beds for the boys, fascia and gutters, patio extension, basement carpet cleaning), and stressed from missing work (there’s always work to do and be done, even when we’re on vacation).


10. Tony took Charles to a softball game (Tony was playing ball, Charles was playing on the playground) and Jamie and I went to Baby Boot Camp last night.  Then I made dinner and tried to keep my two-year-old from driving me batshit crazy with his throwing shoes and his climbing counters and bookshelves and his yelling “no!” all the damn time.  It’s a losing battle.


11.  Charles woke up at 4 am vomiting.  After an hour or two of caring for the sick kiddo, I finally got back to sleep, only to be awakened by Jamie at 7 am.  I forgot my phone at home, so I don’t know if he is still sick, but Charles was still puking when we left (not, like, he-needs-to-be-hospitalized-non-stop-vomiting, just average stomach-flu up-chuck).  Tony is off today and tomorrow and working on the roof and fascia and now, caring for our big boy.


The worst part of vacation is coming back to real-life, isn’t it.

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