Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Sun for Everyone

Some people are blessed to not just withstand the heat of summer, but thrive in it.  They brown up, wear their hair down and their skirts long, and never look like they’re sweating.  I am not one of these people.  I get red, from sun or heat, I wear hats and my hair gets sweaty and sticks out in weird ways because of the hats, and when my clothing starts to cling, I pull my shirt away from my chest and flap air into it… the same thing my mom does and which used to drive me nuts because SO EMBARRASSING, MOM!


My lovely boys have inherited my sweaty redness in the heat.  They don’t seem to care that they mostly look like ripe, wet tomatoes, and they really don’t care that a half-mile walk to the park or a day at a baseball game will make their mom look like a wilted spinach salad (I haven’t had lunch yet, please excuse the food imagery).


photo (29)


photo (37)


We went to “see” the Bellingham Bells baseball game this past weekend on Family Day, so the kids played in the bouncy house and Charles got his face painted.  No one watched the game.


photo (35)

He’s NightWing, by the way, which is an odd superhero to attach to, but it appears to be his favorite right now.


photo (36) 


I know the season’s almost over, but in my never-ending quest to share with other parents the great, kid-friendly outings we do, I will tell you that farm-team baseball is really fun.  Kids get to run the bases, the tickets and the food are cheap, and there are often events for families.  We don’t sit in the stands, just on a blanket.  You could even bring your own food to save some cash.  I think we’ll try to make it to more games next summer.

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