Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2005 Was So Eight Years Ago.

Whoa-ho!  Tony and I have been married eight years today.  We went out last night to celebrate.  Here’s what eight years looks like through my husband’s eyes:




Yes, that’s the only photo we took last night (no couple’s commemorative photo session or even a dual-selfie).  We didn’t go anywhere special, just a local Italian restaurant for $12 Bottle-of-Wine-Night and a drive.  The drive took us to the donut shop, so we got breakfast treats for everyone this morning.  My parents gifted us a night of babysitting and I gifted Tony a spectacular red dress (with an assist from a new bra).  He gifted me laughter and kisses.


Aw, geez, we’re old and boring.  I love any excuse for a party, and it used to be that I would strong-arm my friends into going out because it was Tuesday or because it was raining or because anything-I-can-think-of.  It was all cause for celebration, because we will never again have this moment, this “right now,” this this, ever again. 


I still feel that way, but other things change.  Sleep, or the lack thereof.  Willingness to spend right up to the last dime.  Opportunity (there’s not much dancing in this sleepy town, especially not on a Monday).  Comfort.


I’m more comfortable now than I ever have been with moments that are not, well, momentous.  I don’t have to make the party a rager every time.  Last night we had a lovely party just the two of us, laughing and talking, waving fruit flies away from our wine glasses.  Tony and I are so social that we often include everyone we can think of in our date nights.  It’s nice to take some time and just be us.  The two of us.  Like we were eight years ago.  Like we still are.


A quiet night out was simply perfect.  And maybe that says more about the happy, comfortable, wonderful, loving marriage we have than a crazy party would have, anyhow.

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Margarita Primavera said...

Happy Happy Anniversary! You look absolutely stunning!