Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ravioli-Sausage Bake

I wasn’t able to be home for dinner last night, which bums me out to no end, but I did experience a win in the meal-making department.  As Tony said, “I don’t know who these children who eat all their dinner and ask for more are, but if I see our old kids coming back, I’m running the other way.”  So, apparently, the dinner I had prepped for the boys was a hit.


It is so easy that I must share it.  It is not particularly delicious, but the flavors are bland enough for kids’ palettes and did I mention?  It is SO EASY.  Here’s what you do:


Get yourself a package of frozen ravioli.  I bought the Fred Meyer cheese ravioli, but you could get the fancy, organic stuff they sell at Costco if you want.  My kids won’t eat that.


Put the whole package in a 9 x 13 inch pan. 


Add some sliced, precooked Italian sausage of your choice.  Grocery Outlet usually has some great deals on chicken sausage of various flavor combinations.


Cover it with a jar of marinara sauce (I got mine at Costco, just the generic Kirkland brand) and mix it around a bit so the ravioli are coated.


Add some shredded mozzarella on top and bake at 375 degrees for a half hour or so. 


I also left the boys some cooked corn on-the-cob.  Word on the street is that they gobbled up every bit and asked for more.


They left me with some for a late dinner and lunch today, though:


photo (64)


My guilt over feeding my boys something that I didn’t lovingly prepare every bit of with my own two hands was assuaged by the fact that they ate a full meal without complaint.  They sleep so much better when they eat well.

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Anonymous said...

He he! I think you might be missing a point there Amelia. You are saying that the boys devoured a bland meal you threw together and asked for more, and yet when you lovingly prepare every bit yourself they head for the hills. It will be perfect for my boys too so thanks a mill! ⌒v⌒