Friday, September 6, 2013

Rainy Friday

I’m heading out to give blood in 20 minutes, which makes me think I should have had more for breakfast.  I have to pop home anyway to pick up my Kindle (one doesn’t sit for 15 minutes and just watch the blood drain out, for heaven’s sake), so I’ll shove some cheese in my face hole real quick-like, too.


I’ve had a rough few days, what with schedule changes and trying to cut back on a caffeine habit that was spiraling out of control and getting up with teething children in the middle of the night while Tony slumbers on (he never hears them) and just overall questioning my effectiveness as a person.  The wrinkles and bad skin and saggy breasts and the belly pooch that will seemingly never go away have been brighter and bolder in the mirror this past week than usual.  And strangely, I keep getting compliments on my hair after I haven’t showered for a couple of days because NO TIME.


I’m busy this weekend, or else I’d make some heartfelt commitment to ease up on myself and feel better and relax, but instead we have two parties tonight and a dinner tomorrow and stuff to do, you know.  No time for slacking, and I’ve wallowed enough already.  It’s time now to bake some more cookies.  You can look forward to a post on Monday about the most delicious chocolate cookies I know how to make, a recipe I have been trying to perfect for months now.


Until then, my friends, have a great weekend.  The lightning and thunderstorms have passed, but if you find yourself up late with teething children, think of me and know that I am up too, only my teething child is probably asking for me to turn the lightning and thunder back on.  Storms make for a good sleep soundtrack, I guess.

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Julia said...

I should have read this before going to bed last night, because strangely both my children were WIDE awake in the middle of the night (teething perhaps as well, I suppose) and at least I could have found some solidarity with you for those hours. Feel your pain, sister. Eat some cookie dough. :)