Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Funny Things My Kids Have Said Lately

“Mom, when we get home, Jamie and I need to have a talk, OK?  We’re going to go in our room and sit on our new beds and have a talk.  I’m going to tell him how to be good and not do bad things.”  Later, when we got home, overheard outside their bedroom door, “Jamie, come up on my bed for a talk.  I’m your big brother and I know that it’s not good to hit people.  Jamie, what are your favorite things?  Seahawks?  Alli?  Bunk Beds?  Jamie, those are all your favorite things!  We had a rough day so I think we should have a little rest now.”


“Mommy, mine butt makes poo poo!”


“Mom, my throat doesn’t feel good.  It needs a hot dog in it.  That will make it better real fast.”


“Tantrum town!  Tantrum town!  Tantrum town!”


“When Uncle Leland gets taller, he’s going to be Bad Spider-Man.  But I’m going to be Good Spider-Man and I will fight him.”


In bed this morning, when Tony stepped into the bathroom.  “Mommy!  Daddy FART!”

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