Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12 Days of Christmas, Husband Style

I was an ambitious little bird last year; I put together 12 days of Christmas gifts for my husband.  I think Tony enjoyed it.  I mean, who doesn’t like gifts, right?  And I got a lot of joy and satisfaction from picking lovely things to give him, things that corresponded to a theme and which allowed me to indulge my obsessive side just a little.  YOU have enough time to do this for Christmas 2013, if you start now, though you should obviously replace the interest-specific things on my list with interests specific to YOUR husband (for example, I doubt there are many men out there who are as excited to read accounting novels - yes, novels in which the protagonist is an accountant and uses his mad accounting skills to solve a crime - as my husband is). 


12 Days of Christmas for Your Husband

*Sing the song, it helps: “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…”

1. Some sexy lingerie (it’s the gift that keeps on giving)


2. Two photos for the office (I did framed family photos)


3. Three new shirts (work shirts, always needed in our family)


4. Four accounting books (one of the ones I got was, honest to God, described as a “Forensic Accounting Action Adventure”)


5. Five new toys! (I gave toys of a sexy kind, but you could give model airplanes.  Whatever.)


6. Six pack of beer


7. At least seven minutes of massage tonight + new massage oil (could be seven minutes of anything – the point is to spend time together)


8. Eight sweet treats (Tony likes dark chocolate)


9. Nine colorful condoms


10. Ten bucks of coffee for you and me – meet you at Starbucks whenever you choose!


11. Eleven “I love yous” (alternatively: eleven things I love about you)


12. Twelve ounces of choffee (I wanted to try this, and it was weird, but also good)




Now, can anyone help me come up with a gift idea for this year?


Diana Miller said...

:-) I am sure Tony was all over that. Matt would be anyway... good ideas.

Tiffany Crain said...

I know this is a silly question, but what are the dates of the 12 days of Christmas. Do they start on the 13th leading up to Christmas day?

Amelia said...

Tiffany, I did it the 12 days before Christmas, so the 12 day was on Christmas. The first gift was on the 14th. But! I think the "official" 12 days of Christmas is the 25th through the 6th of January, or Epiphany.