Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Recap & Beginning the Bump Watch

Since I feel better in the morning than I do in the evening, I made breakfast for everyone yesterday.  I did not do dishes.  I did not cook Christmas dinner, or even Christmas Eve dinner.  In fact, I haven’t made dinner in weeks, and that is not an exaggeration.  Fortunately for everyone, my mom and dad and their neurotic dog came to town, and mom made dinner and did dishes and laundry.  Under “spoiled” in the dictionary is a picture of me.


Like most of us, I imagine, as I get older, I find that there’s much less stuff that I want for Christmas.  Every year, I get more and more enjoyment from buying gifts for others and watching my children go nuts on Christmas.  I let them eat all the candy.  I let them skip naps.  I let them make huge messes.  And it is wonderful.  This Christmas continued that trend.


Their favorite present, possibly, was a giant box.


photo 1 (19)photo 2 (18)     


Jamie loved his art supplies (thank you, Uncle John & Aunt Lisa!).


photo (18)


Charles spent a goodly chunk of the day playing on his new R/C Airplane Flight Simulator, and I spent a goodly chunk of the day in bed or on the couch.


photo 3 (13)


photo 3 (12)



Am I feeling better?  Well, better is a relative term, so I’ll say yes.  I’m feeling better than I was last week.  But I’m still super nauseated and uncomfortable.  Also, this is what 11+ weeks looks like on me the third time around:


photo 2 (19)


A little thicker in the waist, so long as I’m not wearing a constrictive waistband and have the help of camouflaging black.  From the side, though?  That’s where we get obvious:


photo 1 (20)


That’s some extreme baby belly for this early in pregnancy.  I’ve decided to embrace it.  I will not, however, show you the view from the back.  The widening of my pelvis and waist is MUCH more obvious there.  I seem to have gone from no love handles to extra-thick handles in a very short period of time.


Stephanie said...

I love the baby belly picture. :-)

Sandra said...

You look wonderful!