Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sick Day

Three-quarters of the family is home today (plus the dog).  I’m home after working a few hours because Charles is sick, Tony’s home because he worked too hard yesterday and needs to recover (stubborn, stubborn, stubborn), and Charles… well, Charles is sick enough to stay home from school (low fever, terrible cough), but not too sick to thoroughly enjoy Mickey Mouse Christmas.


photo 1


Charles “doesn’t like school” until he is there, of course.  But where’s the line?  How sick is too sick to go to school?  I probably would have gone to work with the cold he has, but I can judge where Dayquil will be effective, and he can’t.  Actually, he can’t have Dayquil at all.  And he probably got the cold at school.  But still.  I can’t inflict him on anyone else.  If he’s going to cough up a lung, he’s going to do it at home.


Jamie is rarely sick.  He might have fought something off this weekend, or he might have just been exhausted from an all-day playdate on Saturday.  On Sunday after lunch he was wailing about getting his diaper changed, tears streaming down his face, and he said, “Mommy, I want to go night-night!”  We snuggled together in bed and he was out in an instant:


photo 2


My sweet baby boy got a solo ride to school this morning, and we sang songs and counted train cars.  Happy and bubbly, he told everyone at school that his brother was sick and will watch movies all day long.  Since movies don’t really appeal to Jamie, I don’t think he was all that upset about the inequality of it all.  Plus, he loves school.


Merry mid-week illness everyone!

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