Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello, baby!

I felt my baby move for the first time on Saturday! In truth, I think it had been moving for awhile and I just didn't register the feeling... most people report a "fluttering" in the belly as first movement, but I can't say I noticed that. Instead, on Saturday, I sat down, stretched out my legs, and poked into my rock-hard uterus with all my might (hey, this kid's gonna keep me up nights for quite awhile pretty soon, I figure I can keep it awake now). Sure enough, a few moments later, I felt the lil' bugger kick me! A real kick, too, none of this "butterfly wings" nonsense. Now, I feel it everyday, just a little bit more often and stronger. And I don't have to poke the kidlet into activity to get him or her to move, either. It is a pretty awesome feeling. I just have to give it a few more weeks before Tony can feel it, too!

We have our 19-week ultrasound today, and I'll be sure to post photos later, so check back!

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