Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stubborn Child

My pelvis is large, spacious... and apparently, the greatest place for my baby to hide out! I guess all the ligament-loosening that has been happening to me over the past few weeks has made my baby want to seek refuge where the docs cannot see it! We finally (after I got up off the exam table and danced about for a few minutes) got to see a partial profile of the child:

The ultrasound tech said that the chin isn't well shown, and the forehead isn't as sloped as the photo shows... just a really, really bad angle.


Mom and Dad said...

The baby looks marvelous!!! Absolutely perfect. Good side shot!

jeanne-marie said...

Il nous semble parfait ce petit bébé, on est d'accord avec tes parents . Ne change rien et continue comme çq. Gros bisous ensoleillés depuis Nantes
Jeanne-Marie et Alain

Sarah said...

Okay, this might sound weird, but I think your baby looks like Tony already. Well, except for the sloped forhead and receeding chin. I'm glad to hear the little guy/gal is making themselves known. Hopefully that doesn't totally distract you at work. There's nothing like trying to pay attention during a totally boring meeting when you're getting kicked.

Andy said...

Looks like a cute kid to me. I remember the first ultrasound pictures of Claire and it wasn't that impressive to me, but now looking at yours I realize just how cool it is. It is like a real live little person in there.

Oh yeah, I total agree with the french person too. Actually the only word I understood was "parfait" and I don't think they were using it in the same context I was thinking of it (a la peanuts and busters).