Monday, June 2, 2008

Sick bear

Buster's not okay. I spent a good while crying last night because he is just so sick and it hurts me so much. He has an appointment at the vet today at 3 because they couldn't get him in earlier... poor guy. He had a bone from Tony's steak on Friday night and has not eaten anything since. He is lethargic and sad looking. I tear up just thinking about him, and three o'clock can't come too soon.

It has really caused me to think about how much I love him and how attached to him I am... I couldn't stand to lose him. If this is how I feel about my dog, how am I supposed to deal with my own child, a baby who will probably get sick and hurt much more often than Buster?

Please send good thoughts our way. I am so upset that he is hurting.

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