Sunday, June 8, 2008

Watch My Corn Pop up in Rows...

Hooray, we finally got our vegetable garden in! In one respect, at least, it's good that we have had such a cool spring-- our lateness on getting the garden planted will not adversely affect the veggies.
It all started a few months ago when Tony ground up a couple of giant cedar stumps. We then got some cement landscaping brick, and Tony laid it all out according to my master plan. This morning we went and got two truckloads of garden soil, some peat moss, and our seeds and starts to put it all together. We finished off with some Buster-proofing: a nice garden fence.

We'll have sweet corn, zucchini (what garden is complete without too much zucchini?), cucumbers, turnips, pumpkins, watermelon, jalapenos, and basil. The watermelon is an experiment, I am really not sure it gets quite warm enough here, but we'll see. I picked up t the jalapeno plant because I thought it was a bell pepper plant, but no worries, my guacamole will be nice and hot this summer! I also have a nice tomato plant, an "Amelia" tomato given to me by a coworker, in a bucket. I have about half a row left, so I am open to suggestions for completing the garden.

The rest of the garden, the flower part, is doing well, also. It has been quite rainy the past week, so my peonies are mostly bud, but here is one pale pink bloom:

I am now 17 weeks pregnant! That's over 4 months! That's 3 weeks to the halfway point! Thats, thats... that's almost too much to think about!!! We have another appointment at the women's clinic this week, and we will schedule the big ultrasound then. We are still adamant about not finding out the baby's sex, but we will soon have more detailed photos of our little kidlet in utero. I am feeling well, though I go back and forth between days during which I want to eat everything in sight and days during which nothing really sounds good. Today and yesterday were "nothing sounds good" days. I have mostly just eaten a lot of kiwi fruit. I need to go shopping now, though, so perhaps something will strike my fancy! Still not eating chocolate, or even much cheese... pregnancy is so weird!

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Mom and Dad said...

Great job!! That garden looks wonderful.You all have put lots of work into it and the crop will keep you in non-cheese and non-chocolate for the summer. Be interesting to see if the watermelon grows. Glad to hear you are feeling well. Hope to get a picture of the ultrasound on the blog so I can print it?? See ya soon. Love ya