Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fireside Chat with Charles DeHaven Cook, The Only

Hi, everyone! My mama thought it was time you heard from me again, and I wanted to let you know how happy I am! Life is pretty darn good. I have a dog to look at, toys to play with, and my mom reads me a story at least once a day.

My dad is gone an awful lot, but I get to see him in the evening for a bit and then I get to sleep with him every night. His chest is much flatter than mama's - much better for sleeping. Lately, I have been sleeping for five hours straight, which is a huge help to mama and daddy. They seem much happier when they get plenty of sleep.

Recently, both my grandmas and both my grandpas were in town. I got lots of loves from them, and lots of playtime, too. My favorite thing is to blow raspberries. Hours of enjoyment, you should try it sometime.

I am getting so big that I can't fit in my infant carseat anymore. Mama is really good at subtraction, and she weighed herself holding me and then herself alone and figured out that I weigh eighteen pounds! That's right, I have doubled my birthweight and am now in 9 month clothing. Sometimes, people ask mama what she is feeding me. She often answers, "Twinkies, candy bars, Doritos, butter, and cookies," but what she really feeds me is breastmilk. I haven't even had a drop of formula! I would say I am getting bored of the fare around here, but it's just not true. Check out my chubby legs:

Lately, I have been working a lot. I go to the Chamber with mama, and also Goodwinds. I also see my uncle Leland often. He makes me smile and he makes mama happy because she gets lonely when daddy is at work. Uncle Leland makes dinner and lots of brownies. I like hanging out with the adults. Here are some other things I like: overalls, because the bib frequently rides up and I can suck on it; walks to the park; my swing; dancing to music with mama; standing and sitting up (with help, of course); sticking my tongue out; making faces; playing with my spider toy; bathtime; looking out the car window; and reading stories.

Gosh, writing makes me tired. It's naptime. See you later!



Hailey and Stan said...

Ahh...I love reading the updates on Charles. He is so cute!!! And you guys are such great parents!

I know you don't know me, but I am one of Leland's friends.

Stephanie said...

Charles writes such great updates. :-) And I just love his chubby cheeks. Sooo cute. Don't you feel so much better once they start sleeping more at night? It's amazing what a little sleep can do.

K Schimmy said...

Goodwinds, huh? It's a good thing you didn't have a girl, because we could have another kite slut in the making. =)

He's looking so grown up. I'm so jealous of the raspberries... I'm waiting with anticipation for Ruary to blow his first Bronx cheer. You must video it and post it.

Sarah said...

His leg chub is great! I'm glad to hear he's carrying on his father's legacy.

jeanne-marie said...

Il est trop,trop mignon et j'adore ton texte,ca passe tellement vite que tu as raison de tout écrire. Philémon va avoir 1 an dans 15 jours et il marche presque tout seul c'est fou! Fais plein de bisous à ce petit amour.