Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hand in Mouth Disease

Alternate title: Whoa-oh, here he comes... he's a hand-eater

And, some tidbits from the land of T&A:
For all you doubters who thought that my goal to fit into my fat jeans by February (in this case, the end of February) was ambitious (clearly codespeak for "that fatty thinks she'll shrink that fast? Ha, she'll be large for life after irresponsibly gaining too much weight during pregnancy."), well, suck it. I fit into my fat jeans, they snap and everything. I still won't be wearing them in public for the muffin-top they give me, but hell, they fit. I realize that all you people who did pregnancy and motherhood better than me fit into your fat jeans within one month and not four, but hey, I'm doing my best.
We took the jogging stroller out yesterday, I didn't get any photos, but I will try to next time... I think Charles found it tolerable. Buster, on the other hand, found it awesome. And not a few people on the Padilla trail found it humorous to see a woman huffing and puffing over two miles with a jogging stroller and a crazy dog.
Tony continues to work very hard - it's comforting and makes me very proud, on one hand, to know that he is so smart and good at his job that he gets lots of work and is very busy. On the other hand, we miss him around here, and can't wait for tax season to be over.
Finally, this is what Charles looked like when I told him about his Grandpa's cancer:
Dad, Charles thinks you should get lots of exercise and eat really well so that you can beat this thing forever!


Keleigh said...

I'm with Charlie.

Keleigh said...

And don't be so hard on yourself! You won't leave any picking on you left for the rest of us.

Mom and Dad said...

Here, here. I think you look fabulous. Jogging with a stroller and a dog???!!! Man, that takes skill and a good grip.

K Schimmy said...

Our bodies are forever changed by the miracle of childbirth. I seem to have a shrinking butt (smaller than pre-pregnancy) but my waist is bigger than before... basically, I am a tree trunk. My old jeans are starting to fit, but they don't stay up because I don't have the badonkadonk to keep them up anymore. And man, do I hear you about the muffin top! I got some serious poppyseed action going on.

My take on it... we need to embrace our new bodies as long as we are healthy. I don't want Ruary to see me obsessing about my body (I tend to be very self-depreciating) because I never want him to have such issues. Not as a big a deal as with a girl, I'm sure, but he will be conscious of my attitudes nevertheless.

Sarah said...

Hey there. Way to go! And congrats on getting out with stroller and dog combo. My friend says she always has leash vs. wheel issues. It hasn't been nice enough here to go outside with the stroller. Well, that is, without a screaming child.