Saturday, February 28, 2009

There were ten in the bed, and the little one said

Charles rolled over yesterday, and he also giggled real, true baby giggles in response to some of my goofy faces. But he hasn't done it since, so that might take awhile to develop. I called Tony and then my dad to put the giggles on speakerphone, which I think totally made their days.

Charles seems to think that getting a shirt put over his head is license to put any and all fabric he can grab onto into his mouth!

This makes getting dressed a bit difficult, but fun.

And, everyone is happy at the end!

Since my last post, I have also decided that we should be able to turn dog poop into fuel for cars. In fact, my idea has been developed to include a central waste plant in town, where I would gather up all my trash and take it in and the refinery would give me gas credits for making fuel off of my trash. Then again, maybe Skagit County's waste center is already doing this.

Well, it's Saturday, so I am thinking about going for another run, but I have a headache and am tired. Little mister eats so much that I am pretty exhausted all the time. Not to mention that we have been running around a lot lately. This next week I will volunteer at my old office because one of our visitor center folks was recently diagnosed with some pretty nasty lung and tonsil cancer and is out for awhile. Add that to the increasing work load at Goodwinds (not a complaint, believe me... we would love to be twice as busy) and my 4 hours a week at the Chamber, and I am a busy gal! I take Charles everywhere with me, which is a distraction and makes me less efficient, but, you know, where would I leave him? We have looked into daycare for a couple of days a week and I am honestly amazed at how expensive it is. That's a decision that has yet to be made.

Tony is hanging with Charles right now before he goes back to work, so I'm off to play with the family. Cheers!


Keleigh said...

Charles' hernia is looking great! He's changing so quickly. You sound really good, Ms. Amelia, with all you have going on AND Tony being in T-season. Go, girl!

Mom and Dad said...

Charlie is lifting his head too and smiles so sweetly. sounds like being mobile suits you all. YOu are a busy one. Give him a big hug

K Schimmy said...

Ahhh, I too long for the days when our children didn't know that shoving everything into their mouths is fun, fun, fun. Dressing is becoming increasingly difficult for us as well. Ruary also likes to steal the "peepee teepee" (washcloth) we use while changing him, which leaves us vulnerable to a shower. I have started giving him a decoy washcloth because that is NOT cool (the shower part, of course).