Sunday, February 1, 2009

True story

Charlie is undeniably the cutest kid ever. Evidence:

No baby laughter yet, but lots of big smiles and coos> Oh, and by the way, I am just a terribke writer, not depressed and bored. Sure, I miss the ability to run an errand without a half-hour of preparaion coupled with the fear of erupting screams at ANY MOMENT (seriously, babies are ticking time bombs of cranky), but I also am enjoying my time loving Charles each and every day. But, I don't have a happy, funny writing style, just a factual, academic style. Plus, I'm kinda guessing that you all find hearing about our days incredibly boring- I could tell you about Charles poopy diapers and his bathing schedule, but really, it's nothing when I can't accurately describe the shock and awe that spreads across my son's face when he pushes out a giant poo or the glee he registers when I tickle him in the bathtub. Do I want to go back to work? Yes, but only because I want to contribute to our family and learn to speak like an adult again. I have lost a good part of my vocabulary conversing solely in "baby" for most of each day. Otherwise, I am content to spend my days playing with the light of my life :-) Come visit us, you won't be disappointed at the level of cuteness in person.


Keleigh said...

Dang, that kid is cute. He's bordering on (forgive me) "Chuckles".

From one vocabulary-challenged adult to another, I hear ya.

Enjoy the "boring" stuff. It will too soon be past. And write about it! Boring to you is fascinating and exciting news to Charlie's Grubparents. :-)

K Schimmy said...

That third picture just KILLS me... such a grown-up smile.

Seriously, we should write a book about the effect of babies on logical, educated women. I am having big-time culture shock since I went back to work this week.

Keep writing. We must find things to relate to each other about, us new moms... this existence can be pretty isolating when you go to the grocery store and think, "Wow, these people have no idea what I have been through in the last few months!!!"

Mom and Dad said...

I would absolutely agree with Keleigh. It makes me feel like I am there and enjoying all the small events that occur.
I giggle because some of us go through life being vocabulary challenged whether we have moments of diversion or not. Keep up the good work on the small and big moments, and especially the cuteness.

Mom and Dad said...

The third picture kinda looks like one you would see in a senior album?