Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Charles often crawls and cries at the same time... because what motivates him to crawl is the fact that I have left the room, and he hates that. I had no idea a child could be so needy. I cannot leave him alone EVER, unless I want to endure screams of anguish. Which I do endure, on a daily basis, because sometimes I need both hands to do something quickly in another room. The horror!

Every cabinet in the kitchen is now child-locked, thus making it nearly impossible for the adults to open them. Nothing is safe from his reach. Buster is getting more exercise from the constant running away he does.

Tony is away tonight at CPE, so I'm flying solo tonight. This week has been particularly busy for him, with a Habitat board meeting Monday night, a beer meeting last night (no, really, it was business), and the CPE today and tomorrow. Then, Charles, my dad, and I are leaving Tony with Buster and Alli for the weekend while we head to PA for a family reunion (thanks, Lynda, for the house to stay in!). This week is just a wife-and-baby vacation for him.

And, in the things-I-have-learned-this-week category: Buster thinks that hot air balloons are a threat to our existence and will bark at them until they go away. Which takes awhile, because they move at balloon speed. Which is to say, slowly. I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call the cops.


Sarah said...

Yikes. Sounds like a busy week for both of you. It also sounds like an "eat things out of the freezer or off of a menu" kind of week to me.

Mom and Dad said...

Have a great time in PA. Hope the weather is good. The fog rolled in tonight, so the Kite Festival had only one night so far that is less than wonderful.
Looks like Charles is getting around too. Soon he will be moving even faster.....maybe walking. oh boy. Love ya