Friday, August 7, 2009

WedDang Weekend

This past weekend, we were privileged to attend two weddings: Tony's Aunt Lynda's at a lovely church with family, and our old neighbor Erin's in Seattle (totally posh). It was a whirlwind, hot weekend of plenty of traveling and good times. Charles charmed everyone, and we had fun hanging out with family and old friends.
Tony with Charles and Claire

We have lots of photos like this. Didn't you know cameras are for eating?

Claire and Jason (a cousin of Tony's)

The whole group at Lynda & Jim's wedding. It was a beautiful day in Port Gamble, and the historic church was fantastic.

Thankfully, Charles took great naps all weekend long

Crossing the Sound

Trying to stand out of my arms

Mmm! Wedding food...

The reception hall was soooo hot... here we are all sweaty! Sexy!

More photos than words here, I guess. We had a great time and we are truly happy for our family and friends who got hitched.


Hailey and Stan said...

Gosh Chuckles (as Leland calls him) is getting big and so full of personality!!! Love all the pictures!

Mom and Dad said...

Those pictures do catch the essence of the weekend. It was great fun seeing everyone together. Thanks for being a big part of it. Love ya