Sunday, May 22, 2011

35 Weeks and Stuff

I am so stinkin’ proud of Charles, and I probably have been bragging to random people on the street a bit too much these past few days, but I can’t help it.  Charlie has been moved up to PRESCHOOL.


Okay, yeah, it’s preschool.  But!  The daycare center where Charles has gone since he was a baby has a toddler program until age 3 and then a preschool program that is truly meant to be a preparation for kindergarten for ages 3-5.  According to the daycare/preschool professionals there, Charles is not getting enough stimulation in the toddler area and he’s so developmentally advanced, that he now NEEDS to be in preschool in order to keep on truckin’ at an awesome pace.  Wow.


I’ll tell you something, the art projects he’s bringing home are way more recognizable now than they were a week ago, so that’s a bonus.  Also, he’s exhausted come bedtime, so he’s been sleeping a bit better. 


Park 001


Time flies, you know?



A friend, who owns JB Expressions, took some maternity photos of us last weekend.  Except for my double chins and the fact that photographic evidence totally makes me realize just how large I am (side note, every time I see a very pregnant woman who has clearly stayed within the boundaries of “recommended weight gain”, I seethe with rage at my genetics), they turned out pretty well.  Though I would have liked to do some outdoors, it was raining that day :-(


Maternity 004


Maternity 018

We’re the hunchback family.  I can’t believe she didn’t tell us to sit up!


Maternity 058


Maternity 062

Once again, barefoot and pregnant.


Maternity 071


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Stephanie said...

I'm sorry about my facebook belly comment. I honestly didn't mean it that way. I just meant that you are sooo very pregnant. You're belly is so cute. And will you please stop talking about your non-existent double chin! You DO NOT have a double chin!! Stop that.