Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Awesome Week Got Awesomer

Forgive my endless complaints, but geez, I have been killed with misfortune over the past week.  Some of it is my own anxiety over my continued increase in girth, not only in my belly (see last post), and my increasing exhaustion, and my ever-present feelings of being NOT READY while simultaneously being too wan to prepare for… something.  What is that we are supposed to do?  Oh yeah, a baby.  This thing kicking my ribs all the time.


But okay, then I went and got into a car accident and had an extremely busy (yet nice, as I love my family, but still busy, as I am 8ish months pregnant and exhausted all the time) weekend. 


So, the car accident.  No one was hurt.  It was not my fault.  As in, clearly not my fault, and the claims representative even said so, as did the police officer.  But!  Because of the layout of the street and the fact that I was leaving a parking lot while the other driver was entering a parking lot and still on the street, she apparently had the right-of-way, even though she zipped around a corner, didn’t see me, and tried to occupy the same space I was occupying at that very moment.  In broad daylight.  I had my lights on.  She didn’t see me.  I am still baffled.


There goes $1000 for the deductible because we will end up paying for some (not all, because, again, NOT MY FAULT) of the damage to her car and (obviously) all of the damage to my car.  Grrr.  So that put me into a tailspin mood on Friday about finances, which is probably everyone’s favorite hypertension-inducing subject.  It turns out we are able to absorb the blow, no huge deal worth getting worked up about, but still, would I have rather spent that $1000 another way?  Yes, preferably by saving it for an additional cushion for when I go on maternity leave and for the hospital bills, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.  Or maybe on chocolate.  Either way.


It just galls me, and I could go on about this for days, that this had to happen and that I am being held partially responsible.  I’d like to paint you a diagram of what happened, but I am not sure how to do an acceptable computer-rendering of the accident scene, so let me just say that EVERYONE, including police and insurance agents, I have talked to about this completely agrees that it was her fault and not mine, and I don’t know why I am still saying that, except that, seriously, it pisses me off.  IF IT IS HER FAULT WHY AM I PAYING???  At least I have moved beyond melancholy into anger and frustration, right?


So, yeah, big weekend, taking care of lots and lots of family, eating badly, lots of dishes and cleaning, not enough attention given to Buster, impending doctor’s appointment tonight, I’ve started to waddle, I can no longer cross my legs when I’m sitting, and no Mother’s Day celebration for me, boo-hoo.  I’m over it now, I guess.  A new week, a new start, and my house gets cleaned today.  Also, I think I’ll go to Target and buy myself something for the baby to make myself feel even better.  At least until I start thinking about all the things I need to do over the next 7-plus-or-minus-2 weeks before baby, like train my work replacement who can’t start until June 13 (oh, God, that is cutting it close, what if this baby is early?), or my big, huge, ginormous, milestone birthday at the end of the month, or more family in town (who would say “don’t clean for my sake!” but how can I not?  Like I’m going to put the air mattress on a floor that is strewn with nursery things or not do the dishes so you have no clean forks?), or what in the world I should wear for my maternity photos next weekend… oh, I think I need to lie down now.


beachdog.com said...

Soooo understand your frustration with the NOT MY FAULT. Keith was legally parked across from City Hall a few years ago (Kite Fest) when his Prius was hit by a tour bus. Literally 10 minutes later, the tow truck that came for the tour bus also hit the Prius. Guess who got assigned 50% of the blame? He wasn't in the car and the car was legally parked. That cost us a grand, too. Aargh! Add pregnancy to the mix and I think I would have been psychotic.

K Schimmy said...

You're having maternity photos shot?

If it's any consolation, my Mother's Day sucked. Royally.

Amelia said...

Keleigh - it does me good to know that I am not the only one experiencing injustice, even though it sucks that anyone else had to go through it, too.

Kelli - yes, a friend of ours has an on-the-side photography business, JB Expressions. I have no idea what to wear. Something that hides my upper arms? Sigh...

K Schimmy said...

Cool! Maybe wear one of those drapey cardigans, I find that does the trick with my ample arms. Have fun!