Monday, May 16, 2011

Wherein We Renege on Our Public Declaration to Not Engage in Any Remodels During This Pregnancy

I said, at one point, right here in this ol’ blog, that we would not be doing any major remodels in anticipation of this baby.  Painting?  Sure.  Landscaping?  Well, that needed to be done anyhow.  Bathroom remodel?  Not until next year or the year after that. 


But!  Then, I got to thinking about how unfortunately sized our garage is.  I mean, it’s a two-car garage that only ever fit two cars once, and neither of us could open our doors to get in or out.  But that isn’t the biggest issue (because now we have too much stuff to fit another car in there, even if we had an extra foot on either side).  The problem is this:



Do you see that big, ugly, awfully-placed post right next to my car?  I can’t open the back door to get groceries or packages or, you know, a baby out of there.  Someone once said that maybe when the house was built, cars were smaller.  In 1978.  I don’t think so.


So, the post has to go.  The workmen were here today, measuring and calculating, and it will take them about 2 weeks to gear up for the project so, yes, we will be having major remodeling work done while I am 36 weeks pregnant.  Good planning or what!?!  This, my friends, is the epitome of The Crazy.


We are also moving ahead on Charles’ room, turning it from a sterile spare bedroom into a kids’ room in baby steps.  This weekend, Tony finished painting, and I put up stickers:


Charles Room 002

I think his bed-cubby looks great, personally.  I plan to get some star-shaped mirrors and a dresser for the other side in a couple of weeks, which should round out the rest of the decor.  He also gets a Van Gogh print and a plant in a yellow pot that he picked out himself:

Charles Room 003

The bedside table will eventually move to Uncle Leland’s spare room, and the rocker will move closer to the bed.


It’s fun to decorate and remodel, but oh, it is exhausting.  Particularly because Charles slept with Tony this weekend while I slept on the couch (let’s be fair, I might end up on the couch permanently if this heartburn doesn’t subside… ugh).  I look forward to not doing the bathrooms anytime soon.


Mom and Dad said...

That is absolutely cute!! and very Charles. Great job

K Schimmy said...

Very, very much approve of the blue and the awesome stars. WELL DONE!!!

Sarah said...

Love the blue nook and the stars. How fun! It's not crazy to hire someone to remodel your garage. Now, if you were in there doing it yourself, that would be another story...