Friday, June 7, 2013

Appreciate the Ridiculous

Oh, my kids.  They are often little shitballs of annoying and mess and tired and even though they both seem to be sleeping and eating much better than in the recent past, I am still exhausted most of the time.  But beyond that first cup of delicious coffee in the morning, my boys’ antics are what I look forward to most every day. 


This morning it was gooey kisses, Charles asking to have Jamie in bed with him to snuggle (it ended in screaming tears, of course, it always does), initial skepticism at the oatmeal offering on the table eventually reconciling itself to “I LOVE this breakfast!,” and the three boys showering together (I have only recently been able to have showers alone – the boys are finally sleeping in past 6:30, which often puts them firmly in “daddy shower” time – and Lordy, do these kids need to bathe often).  And then, this:



Yes, he’s towing the blender base around like it was a toy puppy.


It’s important to note that I am the patient parent.  I am not super strict (I like to think I have firm lines that must not be crossed, however) and I do not hover.  I take immense pleasure from observing my children do something entirely unexpected and totally hilarious before I lay down the law and inform them that the blender is not a toy.


It’s a tough road, parenthood.  It’s late nights and early mornings and financial burden and schedules and skinned knees and snotty noses and poopy butts and excessive laundry and exhaustion, but it’s also sheer joy on a daily basis.  As long as you have an appreciation for the ridiculous and can suppress the part of you that wants to shout, “No!  Don’t do that!”

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