Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wear What?

Would you like to see what I’m wearing?  Of course you would.  That way, you can tell me I look fabulous, and I can tell me I look fabulous, and then I’ll start to feel fabulous.  I generally find myself much prettier in photos about two weeks after they are taken because, you know, I have AGED SO MUCH in the ensuing two weeks.  I take pretty terrible self-portraits (please, can we not call them “selfies” anymore?  All that word makes me think of is masturbation), so you’ll have to deal with that, but maybe once a week or so we can discuss fashion and you can give me style suggestions.  I need ‘em.


So here is something I wore earlier this week, at Charles’s request.  He likes long dresses a lot.  I don’t know why.




That’s my mirror wall.  I really don’t have a good full-length mirror.  Okay, maybe I need Tony to take these photos, if I’m going to continue this blogging experiment.  Anyhow, the dress was on sale for $8 at Fred Meyer, and I probably had a 10%-off apparel coupon that I used, because there’s one in the paper every week.  Maxi dresses, you know?  They’re comfortable and sit right on that sweet dressy-yet-casual spot that can either mean “I didn’t give a fuck this morning” or “I wanted to look nice but I didn’t want to shave my legs.”  Either way is good for me.  The cropped sweater is from Maurice’s and I got it last summer, so I have no idea what it cost.  Knowing me, it was under $15.  The wine looks like it was probably the bottle of Merlot I made last for over a week, due to my previously-blogged attempt at cutting calories by not enjoying my usual post-children-in-bed glass after 8 pm.  And damn, my boobs look nice.


So here’s a thing about this outfit and many more I own: I haven’t figured out how to wear chunky jewelry.  This seems like the type of outfit that would benefit from a big ol’ necklace in salmon pink or orange or something, but I don’t have one and I nearly always feel like I wouldn’t be able to pull it off.  Thoughts?  Also, what shoes do you wear with a maxi dress?  I wore sandals, but I have giant feet and I felt weird about them all day.  My preference would be bare feet in a long dress, but that only works when I’m at home.  Also, shapewear?  Terrible stuff, but perhaps necessary under a jersey fabric dress.


Sarah said...

First, you do look fabulous. Second, Buster should have taken this picture. I can see him in the background. He's not busy or anything. Third, chunky jewelry is something you can pull off and absolutely must do.

Jennifer L. said...

Shapewear?! Seriously?! You don't need that at all since you look perfectly fabulous as is! I love to wear wedges in the summer with dresses, preferably very comfortable ones like my cute Teva ones. And yes on chunky jewelery, most definitely. I've just started increasing my statement pieces and love how they make an outfit go from okay to incredible.