Friday, June 14, 2013

Just Watch This Again and Again Until You Feel Better.

I was awakened this morning by Charles at 6:30, which in and of itself isn’t bad, but I had a terrible headache that slipped toward a migraine within an hour.  Charles was disobedient all morning.  Jamie took off his pajamas and diaper and peed all over me.  Tony came home later than I expected from basketball, which I used as the catalyst for a mini tantrum of my own.  I forgot Jamie’s bag at home, but then I got half a mile away from his school and remembered that I tossed it in the way back of the car, so I had to turn around again.  It’s raining.


Today is the birthday of a dear friend who died in high school.  Some things still hurt a long time later.


Perhaps you need something to soothe you after a rough start to the day, too?  Try this:



Time for me to hang my head out that window and breathe in life.  May the rest of the day be awesome and the weekend be grand!

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