Thursday, June 6, 2013

Come One, Come All

Do you have an All-Comers Track Meet in your town?  You should go.  No, really, you should go. 


All-Comers Track Meets (can we just abbreviate to ACTM for brevity’s sake?)are great for a variety of reasons.  If you’re my husband, for example, they serve to both simultaneously inspire you to dig up your track spikes and attempt the 110-meter hurdles and to discourage you from doing just that, mainly because it’s been ten years since you’ve hurdled and those things are distressingly high.  Or, if you’re me, ACTMs give you a reasonably expansive-yet-bounded environment in which to set your children free to run and chase each other.  Also, packing a picnic for the infield is faaaar easier than cooking dinner.


photo (57)

PBJs for everyone!


But the best reason is that ACTMs are great for kids.  There’s the fitness and exercise aspect, the big crowds of people thing, competition, doing your best, and exhausting yourself before bedtime.  A win on all fronts.  ACTMs are sort of like a dog park: you socialize your kids and let them off their leashes, without actually setting them free.


photo (3)

Charles liked to look from side to side while he was running, to make sure he was going faster than the other kids. 


photo (61)

Tiny hurdles!


photo (60)

Softball throw


photo (63)


My boys slept all night long, and are already looking forward to competing again next week.

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Mom and Dad said...

What a great event to be in for everyone. Tony did every time they would have one in town for years. What fun to see Charles competing and enjoying it. Good at throwing the softball....mmmm..maybe three generations could play together...When Charlie is about 5-6, that maybe about my skill level. Great to see everyone out there. thanks for the pictures.