Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

A couple of weeks ago, we visited a local pumpkin patch, one with a lot of charm and great prices.  I keep hearing tales of pumpkin patches in the cities (Seattle, Portland, L.A.) charging 50 cents a pound or more for carving pumpkins, but ‘round here, we get ‘em cheap.  And abundantly.  We spent $40 for 80 lbs of pumpkins, a quart of local honey, several baking squash (acorn, butternut, etc), and about 5 pounds of Jonagold apples.  I tell you, I love Washington more and more every year.


October 006 October 008

Charles chose to have a cart ride.


October 014

Jamie picked the biggest pumpkin he could find.


October 015 October 019

Charles, on the other hand, picked out the strangest-shaped pumpkin he could find (this is his posed smile).


October 024

As one might expect from a 2-year-old boy, he was more enamored with the tractors than the gourds.


October 030 October 039

Some dear friends came with us, so we actually got some whole-family photos!


October 043 October 047


We haven’t carved them all yet, but we will.  And I will be making butternut squash soup, something the boys are unlikely to eat.  Not that that stops me from making anything, really.  If I only tried to please their palettes, we would have nothing but chicken nuggets, corn dogs, meatballs, and cereal.

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Roger Holeman said...

We'll get Jamie some tractor time whenever he's here at The Compound.