Monday, October 21, 2013

We Outdo Ourselves, or at Least Our Stamina

My hands are starting to crack.  My throat hurts, I drink tea all day, and the tip of my nose is cold.  Must be autumn!


Tony gets home from his grand adventure hiking in Utah today, and while I expect he’ll have many hundreds of beautiful photos to share with us and lots of exhilarating stories (he assures me that he almost died ONLY ONCE), I think he’ll probably hear some pretty captivating stories from his children.  Because, boy oh boy, our days were packed.  I’m pretty sure we wore Auntie Liz and Grandma Jane out completely.  And the boys?  Well, Charles wanted to stay home to rest today, and Jamie’s new favorite game is to gather every blanket in the house and snuggle up to play “nigh-nigh!”  They probably need some recovery time after their busy weekend.


Charles has wavered between being Spider-Man and Curious George for Halloween for a couple of weeks.  I thought he had most recently settled on Spider-Man, so I scrapped my idea to make his George costume.  On Friday morning, however, he assured me that he wanted to be George and nothing else would do.  I bought a red T-shirt at the dollar store, some brown felt and puff paint from JoAnne’s, and got craftin’.  Now, I am not crafty, but I think I did pretty well:


photo 1 (8)

You might think that being proud of some puff-paint script on a T-shirt is overdoing it, but me and puff paint?  We don’t get along so well.  This is amazing, considering my history with this particular medium.


Charles had a brown sweatshirt, to which I glued brown felt monkey ears, and brown pants.  The red shirt went over the sweatshirt.  I did not get a photo of him because he was ALWAYS MOVING.  We went to the Y’s Halloween carnival and had an excellent time, despite being a part of a larger crowd than I had ever seen in the YMCA.


photo 2 (7)

Jamie was happy to be Thomas the Tank Engine, but he was unhappy because I wouldn’t let him have a sucker at 7:45 PM.  AFTER he had eaten a cupcake.

We took walks and went to open gym.  We went to the park.  We went to the Children’s Museum.  We played in the indoor play area at the mall.  We went to tee ball and Baby Boot Camp and we carved pumpkins.


photo 1 (9) 

photo 2 (8)


We read a thousand stories together.  We had a surprise visit from Grandpa Joe and Grandma Loris.


photo 3 (4)


We exhausted ourselves.


photo 3 (3)   He wore the Curious George shirt all night and the entire day Saturday.

Jamie fell asleep in Charles’s bed.  Charles fell asleep in my bed (which was tougher to deal with, because I had to hoist his dead weight - 50+ lbs! – over my head and into his top bunk).  Jamie came to sleep with me and Grandma Jane in my bed. 


We’re tired, and ready for Tony to bring some calm and stability back to our sleeping arrangements.

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