Friday, January 10, 2014

Mommy Power

You know what?  My mommy’s coming to visit!  Tonight, I will not have to cook dinner or get it halfway there before talking Tony through the last bit of preparation and then trying to get the kids’ attention to set the table, a task that is nearly impossible.  They’d rather do as they did yesterday: bounce all over the couch as I lie there moaning and trying not to get hit by the debris when Lightning McQueen goes flying off of the couch-cliff to crash into Dusty the Plane mid-air, causing many loud exploding noises, which inevitably require the attendance of both the fire engine (NEE-NOR! NEE-NOR! NEE-NOR!) and the garbage truck (I don’t know why) (BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP) before everyone is fine and they ask if I want to wrestle.  (Do I look like I want to wrestle?) (Boys - see what I'm saying?.)  My mommy is going to take care of me tonight.  Bonus points if she doesn’t let Leland convince her to go to pizza.  I just don’t know if I can handle pizza right now.


I’m still not well, y’all.  I even resorted to the dread Zofran last night and am reaping the constipated consequences today.


Tony is heading with my dad and brother to the Seahawks playoff game, so mom and I will be minding the children all day tomorrow as well.  What a relief!  I truly hope that someday I am in a position to help out my grown children when they need it.  There’s nothing much better than mommy when you feel sick, you know?


I hope you have a lovely weekend!  Go Hawks!

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