Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year’s Day

Merry New Year!  We didn’t stay up, no surprise.  The dog slept in our room, though, which was a surprise.  He never does that.  I think he really hates fireworks, though.


On New Year’s Day, we decided to pack the kids and the snow gear into the truck and head up to Mount Baker for some sledding.  The fresh, mountain air did me a world of good, but I almost vomited on those windy roads both on the way there and the way back.  Worth it for the fun we had.


photo (20)  Snowball fight!  I endured many a projectile flung at me from small hands.

photo 2 (20)

The biggest grins.


photo 1 (22)

Sledding, though, is serious business.


photo 1 (21) photo 2 (21)



photo 3 (15)  Happy as a snowman on New Year’s Day (that’s totally a saying now)



After a particularly terrible Monday night, I haven’t been plagued with quite the same level of nausea as before.  Perhaps this means that things are getting better?  Please?  Whatever it is, it was nice to feel like the new year meant a new start to pregnancy sickness.


I don’t really have specific resolutions this year.  I’m going to gain a bunch of weight and become less active, so the usual “lose 5 pounds, run a 10k in under an hour” resolutions are out.  And how can you resolve things about a person you’ve never met before?  I would love to have another natural childbirth, but maybe this kid will get stuck or something.  I would love to not gain 50+ pounds this pregnancy, but maybe that’s just what I do.  I would love to get enough sleep this summer, but maybe this child will have colic like Charles did.  I would love to get back to running by late autumn, but maybe I’ll have a huge tear from pushing out a giant baby and be unable to bounce for a sustained period of time. 


Instead, I am planning to just chill out about things.  No stress: that’s my New Year Resolution.  My Christmas lights and tree are still up.  Who cares?  I haven’t cooked a meal in months.  Who cares?  The only time my house gets vacuumed is when the housekeeper comes, every two weeks.  Who cares?  I got so sick after my last workout that I am taking a break for awhile, and yes, my thighs are getting bigger as a result.  Who cares?  We aren’t planning on any trips this year or major activities and we are actively saying “no” to invitations that feel like they would be more difficult at this stage in life than they will in, say, a year or two.  Who cares?  My friends and family know that we love them, we just can’t do everything, or even anything, right now.


Let’s just all be happy, anyway, okay?