Thursday, May 29, 2014

Feeling Worthy

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, my sister-in-law organized a birthday party for me, a totally unexpected one.  Last night, at boot camp, I got an award for our MOLO competition even though I missed the MOLO awards night (and was secretly hoping/not hoping that I would be forgotten – no one really wants to be forgotten, but I don’t enjoy public praise so much).  Tomorrow is my birthday.  On Saturday, a good friend is throwing me a “baby sprinkle” and in two weeks, I’ll be one of eight moms being honored at a gigantic boot camp baby shower.


I LOVE blessing others with parties and awards and gifts and affection and praise.  I have a real hard time receiving those same blessings.  Maybe it’s a self-esteem issue, maybe it’s something else.  All I know is that I’m much more comfortable giving than receiving.


So today, I want to say a very public, very heartfelt THANK YOU to Sarah and her extended family, and my mother-in-law, and Sylvie, and everyone else who made me feel so celebrated last Saturday.  Your thoughtfulness was so touching.  And THANK YOU to the women in my MOLO challenge group who said so many kind words.  Yes, I did work hard to reach my fitness goals and no, it wasn’t easy, but it is so nice to be recognized for my effort.  And THANK YOU, in advance, for everyone who will be celebrating me this weekend and in two weeks.  I love you all and I sincerely hope that I will return the blessing someday.  Because that would make me really happy.


Self-improvement is an ongoing thing, and a worthy endeavor for everyone, I think.  If you don’t want to get better, what’s the point, right?  One of my more recent goals has been to accept, to really internalize, compliments.  It’s a huge compliment to have others do nice things for you.  Today, tomorrow, and hopefully forever more, I’m allowing myself, even encouraging myself, to feel worthy of your love.

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Sarah said...

You're wonderful, you know that? Have a great birthday tomorrow. We will be thinking of you!