Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pack It In

We’re havin’ a heat wave…


Yesterday, the temperature reached 75 degrees, today it will be somewhere in the eighties.  It’s far too hot for me.  I am wearing dresses to keep cool, but my thighs rub and chafe.  I have some maternity shorts, but, well, I prefer how I look in skirts.  Considering that it’s supposed to get back to normal early-May weather (fifties and rainy) by this weekend, I think I’ll hold off on the shorts until I’m desperate for a change of pace in June and July (or my thighs are rubbed so raw that I have no choice).


As a family, we don’t have much leisure time during the week.  I work while the boys are at preschool, we come home mid-afternoon and usually have a few minutes to change and maybe do some dinner prep before we go to soccer or Baby Boot Camp or meet up with friends for a playdate at the park.  Jamie’s soccer has finished and Charles’s is finished in another week.  After that, I refuse to add another activity until the fall.  We’re just going to enjoy lazy afternoons in the backyard.  With the sprinkler.  And the tent.  And the kiddie pool.  And the Slip ‘n’ Slide.  And popsicles.  And books and books and books and eventually, a baby.  And then margaritas (for me).


photo 2 (32)


Until then, we’re packing in the fun in the hour between work/school and Boot Camp/soccer.  It’s not enough, but it will do for now.


photo 3 (26)

The boys keep asking me to join them in the pool, but I’m afraid I’d displace all the water!


photo 1 (32)

Jump contest


The only problem with this whole outdoor scene is that our lawn chairs are so low that I will soon need help to get out of them.  As it is, I get out with great difficulty.


photo (16)

Whoa, belly!

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