Thursday, March 19, 2009


Also, the zipper on the only Boppy slipcover I own just broke, so I now have to stop at a Target somewhere along the way. I am so frustrated I am almost crying. Do you even know how much I am dreading a 6-hour car ride with an infant and a big, excited dog? And now, to add yet another detour means possibly more tears on mine and Charlie's parts, not to mention that once I purchase said Boppy slipcover, I will still have to wash it before use. I swear, the universe is conspiring to push me to my limit. I think I need more coffee.


chasecarole said...

I've got some extra boppy covers I'm not using, if you need one. Will we get to see you during your visit?

K Schimmy said...

I have an extra, too... let me know if you need it. We look forward to seeing you! I hope the trip goes well (or as well as it can!).

Mom and Dad said...

Even in my come-home-from-Chicago blur, Amelia and Charlie looked wonderful. He is amazingly happy and has the most beautiful blue eyes. Just like his mom and dad.