Monday, March 9, 2009

il neige

Seriously? An inch and a half of snow? What is this, January? I guess that spring doesn't really begin until March 21st, but honestly, I thought we might be in for a nice, slow ramp-up to warmer temperatures and sunshine, not another dumping of snow and COLD breezes. Current temp: 32F or 0C. Which means that all the snow on the roads will melt and then turn to ice tonight.

Upside? It's pretty, and it's a good excuse to lay low.

Stay tuned for a Charlie update tomorrow, as he will have his four-month doc appointment, complete with official weigh-in (any guesses? Mine is 20.5 lbs).


K Schimmy said...

I would say mother knows best when it comes to Charlie's weight... grab a couple of ten-pound sacks of potatoes and see how he compares. I have heard that once they double their birth weight, you can feed them their first solids... any plans for some savory rice cereal? =)

Yeah, this winter stuff is getting old (although it keeps the allergies away for just a tad longer, which is nice!). We even got some snow here.

Hailey and Stan said...

We got dumped on too (in Spokane) but by the time I started driving home from the gym tonight it was all melted on the road. Tomorrow might be a mess with all the potential ice. Yikes!!

Mom and Dad said...

I am going to be unworldly and ask what the title meant? Good luck tomorrow. Will he get immunizations too? Your mom and I briefly talked about the solids thing. You know the wonderful thing about bigger kids is they have no hesitation about eating. Okay, so that can be annoying, but you never have to worry about them getting enough to eat. I think in both your cases (Charles and Ruary) that is not an issue.....Love ya