Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sleep-deprived and COLD!

19 pounds... I was off by a lot, but I chalk it up to carrying this tub everywhere I go. He is also 26 inches long and his head is 17 inches around (why don't I get my head measured when I go to the doc?). 95th percentile for weight and 90th for length and head. Charles was given 4 immunizations and screamed mightily... he was also VERY cranky throughout the day and all night long, resulting in no sleep for anyone, including Buster, who appeared testy and put-out (as if we were all up and squirming and crying just to annoy him) at 4 am. It is clear that we were truly feeling the effects of the lack of sleep because we sure did forget all about the infant Tylenol until about 5 am. I'll mention, too, that Tony didn't get home from work until 4 am, and then was up with all of us at 7:45, so he suffered acutely last night. To top it all off, Baby Boy had been working on a poo for two days (totally normal for a breast-fed baby, I'm told) and finally cleared it this morning. It was obvious, however, that much of the grunting and squirming last night was related to this task. I think I'll start drinking apple juice.

The doc gave us the go ahead to try giving Charles some cereal to see if it would help him sleep longer (he wakes every two hours to feed, just like a newborn... gone are the days of six hour stretches of blessed, uninterrupted sleep), which it clearly did not do last night. He did not seem to mind eating "real" food, so we are going to try again tonight with some more, in hopes that we'll all get more sleep soon. For all you worry-worts out there, I am sure that his sleeplessness was directly related to the 4 shots and the subsequent leg pain, in addition to the difficulty pooing, and not an adverse reaction to rice cereal.

By the way, it is so cold here! In like a lion for certain!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a spectacularly boring video featuring my astoundingly adorable child eating his first bites of cereal:

P.S. Guess who's now sleeping soundly for his first nap of the day at 9 am?


Tony said...

Honestly...that video is WAY too long. Of course, I was the one in charge of that. Sorry:).

Mom and Dad said... amazing feeding device that save so many spoonfuls of cereal. Your mom suspected the doc would say to start cereal, I didn't think so. What a wonderful guy, that doc. Course my perspective is jaded. I did give Tony cereal at 5 days, in the day when that was not a problem. Sarah no, not till she was closer to 6 mmonths. But she wasn't needing it. More importantly, I needed him to sleep......selfish as I am.Hope it works. Dr. Linehan told me just a few weeks ago, they still have Infa-feeders online for sale. It is a regular nipple with a big hole in it on a collapsible container.. Hope it helps. he looks great.

Mom and Dad said...

I looked it up and came up under Infant baby solid food feeder. Honestly, too long. They have several to choose from. We used the clear plastic with white bottoms. set of two. we used it for quite a while with lots of different pureed foods.

Margarita Primavera said...

Love the video - it's nice to see Charlie "live" :) He's gotten so big and he is adorable!!!

K Schimmy said...

Aha! Rice cereal. I only hope that we get the green light also, not necessarily to help with the sleeping but to stretch out the feedings a bit. We've gained quite a lot of weight lately because Ruary, well, he loves food.

Great video... not too long for my tastes! It gives us a glimpse of things to come.

chasecarole said...

I'm glad you've started Charlie on cereal early. We waited until Michael was 6 months and he wanted nothing to do with it, still doesn't. We plan to start Jenna on it around four months.

We used an infa-feeder with Michael and they're particularly great when you're out somewhere or on the road. Don't know if the still carry them but we got one at Dennis Company.